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10 Tips to Reduce Screen time for Adults

With the events of recent times, screen time among adults is at all-time highs. Most of us will need to use a laptop or some form of electric device during our work. This is not accounting for when we are at home. There have even been studies recently that show adults on average look at a screen for an average of 11 hours during the day. That is almost half of your day before sleep is considered. We know that excessive screen viewing hours can lead to various illnesses such as obesity and depression, so we have done some research to find 10 different ways to reduce your screen time. 10 Tips To Reduce Screen Time For Adults 1. Track...

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Three Major Consequences of Endless Screentime for Your Kids?

With the events of the pandemic and transformation into working from home, so many of us are turning to our phones and Ipads. Studies recently have even shown that many young adults wish their parents had restricted their screentime growing up. Our recent launch of the Galaxy Light Projector was designed to help kids wind down and fall asleep at night. So, we thought we’d do some research to find out how bad screentime really is for kids and the type of effects this could have on their brain and any long-term effects. 1. Addiction This might come as a surprise for many parents as the word addiction is usually related to alcohol or drugs. However, it may come as...

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